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Identity card of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

LAND AREA: 2.3 million km2 (76 times the area of Belgium)
CAPITAL: Kinshasa
HEAD OF STATE: Président Joseph Kabila Kabange
POPULATION : approximately 50 million
CURRENCY: Congolese franc
LANGUAGES: French (official) Lingala, Swahili,
Kikongo, Tshiluba and about 200 local languages
CLIMATE: Tropical, warm and humid
VEGETATION : Tropical rainforest (about 50% of the territory), savannah
The Democratic Republic of the Congo is in Central Africa, straddling the Equator. It's named after the Congo River, which at 4,700 kilometres is one of the world's longest.
The Congo River is a very important means of transport. Between Kisangani and Kinshasa, large boats slowly glide on the river from village to village.
A boat on the Congo River A pirogue transports passengers A small village
Kinshasa, the Congo's capital, lies right at the mouth of the river. It's the country's largest city and is very crowded. Imagine that one in ten Congolese lives here!
Kinshasa and the Congo River Centre of the capital, Kinshasa On a city street
The tropical forest covers about 50% of Congolese territory; the rest is covered by savannah.
Mountains and volcanoes are found in the country's east.
The Congo has dry and rainy seasons, not summers and winters like in Europe.
The tropical forest A savannah road during the rainy season
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